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DETROIT, MI, March 07,2013-Vectorform, a leading global design and technology firm, today announced that they have already begun imagining scenarios and supporting infrastructure for the rumored Smartwatches from Apple and Samsung to be ready for their potential unveiling later this year. Known for delivering innovative and award winning solutions for Fortune 500 companies, Vectorform designers and developers are leveraging their expertise in emerging platforms to help drive the next wave of user experiences.

To date, smartwatches only have the ability to act as a second screen for your phone by relaying email/SMS messages and caller ID info. However, watches that have the ability to run specific apps will provide a new range of scenarios for athletes, health care professionals, musicians, and every day consumers with on-the-go lifestyles.

“The Smartwatch brings with it a new perspective on how technology is integrated into our daily lives. Instead of staring at a screen, the watch helps bridge the gap between our digital and physical worlds.” Says Kevin Foreman, Director of Product Vision, Vectorform. “We're working on some great new concepts that provide seamless human-computer interactions, where the screen isn't the pinnacle of the experience.”

These concepts focus on instant connectivity for everyday activities related to; Networking Health and physical fitness Photography Cooking Entertainment Security

Jason Vazzano, CEO Vectorform, foresees potential in the Smartwatch app market. “Whether the technology is ready for the mainstream audience will largely depend on battery life and water resistance. While it may not permanently replace your everyday watch, it could certainly enable a variety of productivity and lifestyle enhancements.”

Vectorform is currently advising clients and partners on scenarios and software for next generation smartwatches. More information related to Vectorform’s Smartwatch efforts can be obtained by visiting the Vectorform blog


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