May 15

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DETROIT, MI, MAY 15, 2013-Vectorform, a leading global design and technology firm, has partnered with Ogilvy & Mather, The Alchemists, Psyop and human to create Saving the Source, a groundbreaking global brand franchise for Fanta, The Coca-Cola Company’s second oldest brand.

Saving the Source is the world’s most immersive digital storytelling platform in the form of a graphic novel. It will be playable in 190 countries, in 45 languages and across all technology platforms. Saving the Source forms part of Play FANTA, a new global campaign that supports the brand’s vision of creating an inviting environment for teens to play games that are designed to be both engaging and to extend brand awareness.

As lead technical partner for the Fanta experience, Vectorform was tasked with developing the strategy for platforms and the execution methods to optimize and enable extensive global reach of the graphic novel and associated games.

“Fanta challenged us to push every creative and technical boundary and to create the first of its kind experience that would allow teens to fully immerse themselves in Fanta’s animated world, to explore, experience, share, and play on any desktop or mobile device from anywhere in the world,” said Gavin Main, project manager for Vectorform. “We are proud to support Fanta’s mission to bring more play to teens.”

Vectorform’s Role in Play FANTA:
  • Invented an HTML 5 framework for graphic novels that significantly reduces the costs in dealing with cross-browser incompatibilities that arise in large projects and applications.
  • Used HTML 5 framework that employs Canvas (an HTML 5 technology) to render all of the beautiful animations, transitions, interactive elements and meta games inside the experience.
  • Created three experience levels to make the games accessible from any device.
  • Optimized games for each experience level to minimize file size and download speed while maintaining the quality of the artwork.
  • Designed advanced localization features of the framework through the entire experience for language and graphics so that items that are different in local markets such as bottle shapes and labels can easily be changed.

The concept was recently unveiled at Contagious Magazine’s Now / Next / Why conference in New York City. Play FANTA will be rolled out in over 190 markets globally this year.


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